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We are a luxury concierge medical service, we deliver wellness infusions to you in the comfort of your home. Many individuals today suffer from chronic depletion of fluids, nutrients and vitamins, the science of intravenous therapy replaces these deficiencies at the cellular level. Some of the benefits of infusion therapy includes 100% cellular absorption, replenished energy stores, illness recovery and vitamin replacement. Here at iDrip Health we customize our infusion bags to meet your individual needs. Our products contain the right balance of fluids, antioxidants, electrolytes and nutrients to give your body the cellular renewal it has long been craving for! We also have a wide selection of intramuscular vitamin injections. We offer individual, group and event packages. Invest in your health and wellness, Get ready to DRIP!!! 

See you soon.

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"Because I care about my health and wellness"

iDrip Health is designed to help you live the exclusive lifestyle you deserve. We remove the worry of traveling for an appointment, our health team will come to you in a location of your choice, home or office. We expect you to sit back, relax and get the rejuvenation you deserve!

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Named after John Myers, M.D. in the 1960's,This special IV cocktail is the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals rich in antioxidants and immune- boosting properties. It is the gold standard and perfect multivitamin "reset drip" that aids in cellular repair and overall wellness. 

One of our selected favorites to help with any form of illness recovery, It contains a pain reliever and B vitamins which aids in the recovery process by increasing energy,  minimizing symptoms and repairing cellular damage. 

Supercharge your immune system with this proprietary cocktail blend infused with vitamin C, Zinc and B complex to aid your immune cells  prevent and fight illness.

This is the “pick me up” your body needs to bounce back after a fun night! This drip offers antioxidation to rejuvenate your cells and provide the immediate relief of symptoms associated with a hangover. This fix is beneficial before or after your special event. 

This is your everyday go to saline infusion. 100% cellular absorption guaranteed with immediate results. Offering a balanced blend of fluid and electrolytes necessary for hydrating and rejuvenating your cells. 

This power packed infusion contains Magnesium, Calcium gluconate, B- complex and vitamin C. A favorite for gym events, athletes, and frequent travelers. It is guaranteed to give your cells the energy buzz it deserves. 

This customized blend of healing vitamins, Zinc, and an anti- inflammatory will help alleviate upper respiratory pressure, seasonal allergies, and the common cold.

Glutathione function as a detoxifier aiding in flushing the liver of dangerous toxin build up in the blood. High dose vitamin C reduces oxidative stress to promote anti- aging, clearer skin, immune support and breakdown of free radicals. 

Our popular "Pregnancy" drip that offers hydration and nausea relief for the expectant mom. This drip contains 1L of normal saline with an intravenous anti- nausea push. Hydration is absorbed at 100% and offers immediate relief in as little as 15 minutes. This infusion is administered in the comfort of your home, all pregnant mothers will be evaluated by a medical provider before and after the infusion. 

Your custom cocktail awaits you! Looking for a personalized blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and symptom reliever? Talk to one of our licensed medical practitioners and we can customize a cocktail just for you. This exclusive drip contains up to 2 add- ons. 

Our migraine cocktail is a blend of fluid, electrolytes, B vitamins, migraine pain reliever and optional anti- nausea medication. It offers hydration and gives immediate tension relief associated with a migraine attack. 

Energy/ Immune support 

Vitamin B12 / B–complex/ Vitamin D3

 Weight Loss Shots (min 4 shots per order) 

Lipo B-12 / Lipo MIC /  Lipo C / Lipo Mino-Mix 

Antiaging/ Skin​

Collagen Boost / Glutathione      


We will perform a clinical assessment to determine which option is best for you, the weight loss products are designed to suppress your appetite, increase metabolism, and promote rapid weight loss. The average weight loss is between 10- 30 pounds a month. This diet is effective in both men and women and can be combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.  Book your assessment now and at the consultation one of our certified clinicians will collect a thorough history and determine if you medically qualify for our custom weight loss plan.

Zofran - Used for nausea and vomiting   
Toradol- Used as an anti- inflammatory/pain reliever    
Reglan- Used for nausea/ vomiting, relieves acid reflux and stomach discomfort   
Pepcid- Relieves acid reflux, heart burn, stomach ulcers and aids digestion   
Benadryl -  Used for allergic reaction and seasonal allergies

Decadron - Steroid used to relieve allergies, congestion and allergic reaction 

Extra  Normal saline-  Can be added on to any cocktail for extra hydration 


Looking for a group infusion package for your special event? We specialize in custom small or large group events. We would love to help with your special event, for sessions of 4 or more people please contact us at or call/ text 8054003747 for information regarding our group rates. We can help you come up with creative ideas. Some of our popular event packages include but are not limited to:

Athletic team/ Sporting Events

Bridal/ Bachelorette Party

Corporate / Travelers Group Recovery

Post- concert/ Special Events

Surprise Packages

Couple's Retreat

Spa/Botox Party

Frequently asked questions 

Drug and Syringe

What is IV therapy?

What are the benefits to Intravenous Therapy?

Does it hurt?

Intravenous therapy has been in existence as far back as medicine was created, It is a FAST and effective way of delivering fluid, vitamins and minerals to your cells. It bypasses the gut, ultimately giving you immediate results with 100% cellular absorption. It is a safe and effective method to get hydrated or replenish vitamin or mineral loss.

Is this safe for children?

While IV therapies are safe for kids, our infusions and shots are for adults only, we do not service clients less than 18 years of age.

When will I see results from an IV drip or shot?

Benefits can be seen after the first session, and with regular treatments, safe and lasting effects can be achieved.

Can IV therapy be custom to my health care need?

Yes! Please discuss any of your health concerns with our medical team to create an IV nutrient plan based on your needs.

There are many benefits to intravenous therapy, It aids in wellness and relief of some of the most common conditions many of us suffer from. Hydration, minerals and vitamins have been proven to help with the following.

  • Illness Recovery

  • Dehydration

  • Athletic performance/boost

  • Detox/ Hangover

  • Immunity

  • Nausea/ Vomiting/ Migraine

  • Libido/Sexual Dysfunction

  • Weight loss

  • Skin Rejuvenation

Is there any reason I should not receive IV Therapy as an adult?

Our team consist of master trained infusionist. You will be serviced by a licensed Nurse Practitioner or a Registered Nurse. You can request an anesthetic spray that helps numb the skin before the procedure. Most patients describe the insertion as mild discomfort lasting seconds.

Depending on the IV infusion selected, most will take 30 minutes to an hour. The difference in infusion rate depends on the total fluid amount and the viscosity of the “cocktail” infusing.  
Your hands will be free so you can relax, listen to music, read or do your work while you receive your IV nutrient therapy. Infusions are given in the comfort of your home.
If you are getting an intramuscular shot the procedure will take less than 5 minutes.

Do you offer other treatments besides the IV drips?

We offer some vitamins/ treatments in the form of an Intramuscular injection, which is a quicker way to receive treatment. The procedure will take less than 5 minutes, please see our selection under “Shot Bar.”

Some of the reasons you should not get an infusion or shot includes but are not limited to allergies to a specific ingredient, uncontrolled hypertension, circulation issues, congestive heart failure, severe lower extremity swelling, known liver or kidney disease, G6PD disease. Please discuss any known health concerns or allergies with your provider prior to receiving a service.

How long does an infusion or shot take?

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